The best mobile company

Samsung company will be the best company in the near future because they invent phones everyday and no one can’t stop buying their products because they are the best so far and we are going to hear about a lot of new phones from the company in 2013 as a lot of people expect that and this company is really perfect because it’s not just invents phones , It invents new technology and put a lot of things we use in our life in a phone so it can’t be just a phone , It’s should be one of the ( Seven Wonders of the World ) because it’s really great phone . No one could invent it before and no one will invent like it in the future unless Samsung company will invent like it and so much better than it in the future because they do really know what to do and they respect time so much and that’s what will make them the best in the future and the whole world will talk about them and the posterity will be amazed from the awesome technology they will born in and will use it and learn a lot from it and learn how to think to make new things like it or even better than it.

Author: Mohammad Nasirullah


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