Best Smartphone technology

Smartphones are the best technology the world had ever known and it shows us a lot of new things and make us think to invent things like it or ever have ideas of what to invent and think how special tomorrow will be and the biggest problem that a lot of people in the world still know nothing about this technology that’s why we should let them know it by a lot of things like : Newspapers , Media , Ads and a lot of other things . Everyone has to buy smartphone because it will teach him how to adapt with the world with everything it has from the technology which had been invented or the new technology they will invent in the future and i think that the new world’s technology will be so much better than today’s technology . We have to learn how to use the new technology like the technology which Samsung and Apple and BlackBerry and Nokia had invented . Not just that teachers at schools should tell their students about this technology and even teach them how to work with and if Steve Jobs was alive now he would have invented more incredible things and we all have to take him our ideal so that we should learn how he did invented all these things and do like what he had done before us but we just can make new things by thinking about it before doing it and if we needed any help we should ask for it and the smarter person will help us for sure . I just want the whole world be like Steve Jobs and try to invent new technology.

Author: Mohammad Nasirullah


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